“Twelve facts about Spain, Spaniards and Spanish

“Twelve facts about Spain, Spaniards and Spanish

“The name Madrid comes from the Arabic “Magerit” which means “place of many streams”.

“The Royal Spanish Academy (La Real Academia Espanola), founded in 1713, is widely considered the arbiter of what is considered standard Spanish. It produces authoritative dictionaries and grammar guides.

“The older population goes out very often, always extremely elegant.

“Javier Bardem was the first Spanish actor to win an Oscar.

“In Spain, about 25% of all grandparents are known to take care of their grandchildren every day since there are not that many after-school care opportunities.

“In Barcelona, on St George’s Day (23 April) it was custom for lovers to exchange a book and a rose with each other.

“Spain was one of the first European countries to ban smoking in workplaces and bars (2006).

“Spanish is the official language of Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Chile and Equatorial Guinea.

“Mount Teide located in Spain is the highest mountain with a height of 3718m (12198 ft.) and is an active volcano.

“The Kingdom of Spain is the 2nd largest country in Western Europe after France and the 2nd most mountainous right behind Switzerland.

“Barcelona’s city hall provided 1 million euro to fund the movie “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”.

“Spain’s original monetary unit was the pesetas.

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