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I am Rafael and I am one of the teachers who is currently teaching Spanish and have taught Spanish for four years. I settled in Moscow, Russia where I have been teaching for four years, and I specialize in teaching students at the A1 level, there are students who have no knowledge of Spanish. I can relate to students who are at this level because I have lived in England where I learned firsthand how difficult it is to communicate when not knowing the language. 

I am Angel and I am a Malagueño resident in Moscow. I am part of the Spanish Skype team  with extensive experience in teaching the Spanish language, and a professor of Spanish in Russia. Moreover, I teach students of all levels.

I am Mary and I currently live in Bilbao. I have a degree in Spanish Philology (Spanish specialist in Linguistics and Literature) and Specialist in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language Teacher. I love reading, music, sports and watch TV series

I'm Jonathan and am a teacher with many years of teaching as a foreign language film lover and Russian culture. I settled in Moscow a few years ago to stay. I have a degree in early childhood education, I have great experience with children of any age and nationality.


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Hi, my name is Cinthya, I currently live in Barcelona. I am graduated in Early Childhood Education. I am accompanied by the desire and the vocation to teach my language as well as to learn from my students how they interpret Spanish culture according to their nationality. I think it is a rather surprising experience as enriching. I love art, traveling, meeting new cultures, classic films and music in general.