Spanish is the happiest language in the world

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Spanish is the happiest language in the world

Spanish is the happiest language in the world! This is the conclusion, which was reached by a group of researchers from the United States and Australia.
The researchers were basing on the “Hypothesis of Pollyanna” (according to the results of studies, the speakers of all languages tend to give positive connotations to the words). So, emotions play a relevant role since there are languages that can be more or less positive, or cheerful than others.
The researchers have presented the preliminary results of the study, which examined 24 languages worldwide: they had collected 100,000 words from each language to try to determine the percentages of positive and negative words. Thanks to this new study, they were able to confirm the original hypothesis.
These research scientists had decided to investigate some more and studied the ten most spoken languages in the world: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic and Indonesian and selected the 10,000 most commonly used words from them.  This time, 50 native speakers of each language evaluated the words by classifying each one on a scale of 1 to 10 depending on their “happy” connotations.
As a result, there are three languages, which are clearly happier than the other seven: Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and English, in that order.

Therefore, we can say that Spanish is a language of optimists. If you are still looking for happiness, don’t wait anymore and learn Spanish with us!

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