1. I do not speak any Spanish, can I sign up for these classes?

    Of course, you can! Do not be afraid to not understand, because our teachers know how to work with students who do not understand the language, and will use all the techniques necessary to understand the lesson.


  2. I speak Spanish, how can I benefit from these classes?

    A language is maintained if it is practiced habitually, therefore the classes of particular conversation or the subscription to our speech club will help you for very little money to maintain your level of Spanish


  3. Do the purchased classes expire?

    Yes, but you have 6 months to enjoy them, which will be easy if you are interested in improving your Spanish. These classes must be taught in this period of time, otherwise, the validity of the same will lapse and the money will not be refunded.


  4. How can I book my classes?

    You only need to make the reservation from the teacher's reservation panel, or if you have bought a package of hours, you can send us your schedule that suits you best to do the classes.


  5. How many classes can I book at a time?


    You can book single classes or bonuses in that case the lessons will have a cheaper price.


  6. When can I start my classes?

    Once you have paid for your classes, you can reserve them in our calendar of reservations with 24 hours in advance. Once your teacher has approved them,



  7. I need to cancel my class, what should I do?

    You have to send us an email 24 hours in advance of the lesson you have reserved, but the payment for the lesson will not be refunded. Moreover, it will be postponed to the day that suits you best.


  8. If I decide to join the first free lesson, do I get any kind of commitment?

    Yes, this 20-minute class, which is totally free, is designed so that you can get to know us and decide if you would want to study with us or not.


  9. Does SpanishviaSkype have a degree program?

    Yes, our curriculum is based on the Curriculum Plan of the Cervantes Institute, which develops and sets the reference levels for Spanish according to the recommendations proposed by the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) :

    A1. - Beginner. Introductory level.

    A2. - Basic. Level of survival (elementary knowledge).

    B1. - Low intermediate (limited expression and understanding).

    B2. - High Intermediate (improved expression and understanding).

    C1. - High level. Competent user level (good expression and understanding).

    C2. - Advanced level. Level of a good user of the language (complete fluency).


  10. What happens if a lesson can not be carried out for some reason?

    When the class is canceled for causes attributable to Spanish skype, the student will have the right to choose between postponing his/her class or requesting a refund.

    When on a student's behalf, the lesson may be postponed as long as it is communicated 24 hours before the class begins