How to learn to speak Spanish quickly?

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Spanish as soon as possible

It’s as simple as to just wish to speak Spanish. There is no better way than to develop a great willpower to learn the language.

Find Spanish words, listen to songs, read aloud, read children’s stories, communicate with native speakers of the Spanish language, immerse yourself completely in the language and soon you’ll find that you already can speak Spanish (if you’ve put enough effort). After 2 months of training and practice (approximately 60 hours of study) you will be able to communicate in Spanish.

Expand your vocabulary from the very moment when you decide to study Spanish. You are to master the basic words and phrases to speak about the maximum possible number of topics.

Spanish teacher with online Spanish courses

Here they are:

  • Greetings and forms of politeness.
  • Days, months and holidays
  • Atmospheric phenomenon
  • Stations
  • Animals and plants
  • Geographic features
  • Physical description
  • Professions
  • In the office
  • The human body
  • Food
  • Kitchenware
  • In the restaurant
  • Clothing
  • The city: means of transport
  • Hobby and entertainment
  • Sport
  • Internet
  • Phone / dialing numbers


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