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Are you interested in our programs for businesses?

spanish courses for companies

Are you interested in our programs for businesses?

This program is perfect for those employees who have moved to a Spanish speaking country and tegan that function in different real-life situations.

This course will serve to Cubiro different aspects of everyday life:

• Proper salutation

• Vocabulary office

• Vocabulary bank

• Go shopping

• An informal conversation with friends / colleagues.

• Have a conversation by phone / e-mail correspondence.

• Reservations, restaurants, cars, etc.

• Rental property

• Everyday situations, supermarket, medical, hiring internet, etc.



Business Spanish

Rates and conditions of registration

In the case of private lessons (maximum 3 people), the price per hour for a class is 60 €; from 15 hours contracted, will be 50 €; from 30 hours hired, 45 €.

The price of courses tailored for institutions and companies depends on the type of course, duration and number of attendees. Please contact us, and we will come up with the amount that you would need to pay for the courses.

The minimum number of hours that can be hired is 6, with sessions of at least 90 minutes in duration. One hour of class is 55 minutes.

When classes are taught outside the Institute, the cost will also be calculated according to the time and cost of the trip.

The amount of the course will be paid before the beginning of the classes.

No discount can be applied to the prices mentioned in this section.

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